Are You Showering Correctly?

Something you do every day, so you may not think too much about it, however, here are some tips to ensure you’re showering correctly.

How long in the shower?

Water is drying to the skin, maximum time in the shower is 10 minutes. You don’t want to be wasting water either.

Exfoliate, to do or not to do

Your skin will slough off skin cells naturally when they’re good and ready, from using a sponge, flannel or body brush. In the meantime those cells are protective and help your skin to retain moisture.

There’s no need to exfoliate and please don’t use anything that contains microbeads for our environment’s sake.

How hot is too hot?

Very hot water in the shower exacerbates dryness, itchy, irritated skin and eczema by removing your skin’s naturally occurring oils. Recommended maximum temperature is 43 degrees Celsius. Think comfortably warm, not hot, your skin certainly shouldn’t be turning red.

How do you protect your face skin in the shower?

TIP: Don’t ever put your face directly under the shower rose, water under pressure is far too harsh for your delicate facial skin.

What about your feet?

You may be thinking your soap or Body Wash that you’ve just washed your body with will clean your feet as well on the way down. No, your feet definitely need their own wash and remember to do in between your toes, then thoroughly rinse so they’re not slippery.

Feet care: Perspiration and moisture is the perfect environment in which harmful bacteria may grow. You don’t want foot odour or fungal infections. We highly recommend the application of Deodorising Foot Cream for a healthy, balanced environment for your feet and/or Body Silk Powder to absorb moisture after shower.

TIP: A sprinkle of Body Silk Powder in your shoes keeps them smelling nice and fresh too. 

Using overly alkaline soap is drying

Keep it effective and gentle with Body Washes made with plant surfactants and quince seed extract to help your skin retain moisture combined with nourishing plant oils, and remember surfactants do the work, not bubbles. 

Tip: Anything that’s continually moist will attract mould. Have two Cleansing Sponges on the go, one in the wash and one in use. Put through the laundry wash every couple of days and hang out on the line for a dose of UV.


Pat your skin dry, don’t rub after shower, vigorous rubbing means you’ll lose more of your natural oils.


Restore your skin after shower with nourishing Body Cream, Body Milk or Body Oil. There’s much more skin on your bod than your face so natural and organic body care is important.

Your skin should still be slightly moist for application of Body Cream, Body Milk or Body Oil for even and economical application. With Body Oil and moist skin you’re making an oil/water emulsion directly onto your skin.


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