What makes Dr. Hauschka unique

The Dr Hauschka Skin Care range has become one of the most popular and trusted organic and natural cosmetic brands available worldwide.

Why should you use Dr. Hauschka's Skin Care range?

1. All ingredients are 100% natural and organic.  As part of the holistic approach to health, beauty and nature all ingredients are grown with the use of agricultural methods that results in sustainable production that are not harmful to the environment or animals. Dr. Hauschka's products are never tested on animals. Rudolf Hauschka developed groundbreaking new pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. He developed a procedure for preserving medicinal plants without the use of alcohol. Even eyeshadows and lipsticks contain extracts of kidney vetch or witch hazel, aiming to create a sense of balance between your inner and outer beauty.

2. The products work with the rhythm of the skin. Your skin has a 28 day renewal cycle. Skin is a flexible, strong yet sensitive organ. You and your skin cannot be classified as a single ‘type'. You need the right care concepts for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life. Dr. Hauschka therefore refer to skin conditions, which appear and disappear, rather than static skin types.  Depending on your skin condition you can adjust your skin treatment according to what you need.

3. Rhythm brings life. Dr. Hauschka developed a procedure for preserving medicinal plant extracts without using alcohol as a preservative. He used the power of natural polarities, the rhythmic alternation of darkness and light, warmth and cold, movement and rest. Even today, these basic rhythmic procedures are used to produce extracts, essences and tinctures. They rhythmically stir the base products and even rhythmically shake the preparations to prepare them for the Intensive Treatments, for example. The rhythms of the seasons also determine the work in our medicinal plant garden. By using rhythms, we can activate our body’s natural forces.

4. The application of the products are very unique. Correct application enhances the healing effect it has on the skin. Hot and cold compresses give the skin the exercise it needs to stay firm and also gives you a glowing complexion. Gentle press and roll hand and brush movements stimulate the lymphatic system, removing toxins from the skin. This unique method allows you to become conscious and makes skin care a mindful experience.

5. All Dr. Hauschka treatments include lymphatic stimulation. This method of lymph stimulation using both brushes and hands forms the heart of Dr. Hauschka Signature Treatments. Lymph stimulation prevents a build up of toxins.

6. All Dr. Hauschka's Night Skin Care products are water-based and oil-free. As the day draws to a close the skin awakes. As your body slows upon evening’s approach, the crucial period of renewal and regeneration for your skin begins. Dr. Hauschka oil-free night care supports the skin’s essential nightly processes and allows it to breathe freely.

If you want to start using natural and organic cosmetics, the Dr Hauschka range of products is a good place to start. The products are effective, safe and manufactured by a company that cares about the environment and all living beings.

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