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Is there a difference between Sage and Clary Sage Essential Oils?

Is there a difference between Sage and Clary Sage Essential Oils?

Though Sage and Clary Sage share the Latin name Salvia, it turns out they are quite different. Each have varying constituents, therapeutic properties and aromas. These large differences mean they cannot be substituted for one another in recipes and usage. Each oil has its therapeutic strengths, and should thus be used accordingly with safety in mind. Sage, or Common Sage, is a potent essential oil composed primarily of ketones, while Clary Sage is mostly composed of esters. Let’s examine what this means and how this makes them so different. SAGEOrigin: Greece Sage Properties: AntibacterialAnti-inflammatoryDigestive aidCelluliteSupports hair growthReduces overactive sweat glands Aroma: Sage...

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