Have a mind-body-spirit makeover!

Albè Albertyn

Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth and regrowth. I am an avid believer that spring is the best time to detox your mind and your body! Here are a few suggestions…

- Surround yourself with the things you love. Discard the rest. This includes distancing yourself from toxic people. Surround yourself with people that uplift and inspire you.

- Connect with your inner child by having some fun. Try something new – start an art class or decorate your personal space with fresh flowers. Be creative and most importantly HAVE FUN! This is when true healing happens.

- Compile a bucket list. Go to a new coffee shop, go on a trip or start a new hobbie. The moment you feel anxious try something new to break your thought pattern.

- Join a yoga or a dance class and get moving. Movement stimulates your lymphatic system and allows your mind and body to detox. Join my Hatha Yoga or dance classes if you are in the area. 

-The skin is the largest organ in the body. Get rid of any chemical household detergents or beauty and skin products. Make sure you read the labels. Choose products that are natural and organic.

- Cleansing habits include a mindful facial cleanse in the morning with a natural and organic product. Dry brushing or a massage is also a great way to relax the mind and encourage lymphatic flow in the body.

- The early bird catches the worm. Wake-up at sunrise and start your day with a few stretches and quite time for prayer and meditation. The first hour upon awakening I call the “GOLDEN HOUR”. Wake up with a sense of gratitude and visualize how your day will evolve into the best day ever!

- Have gratitude jar. In the morning or evening you can write your blessing for the day on a little paper. It can be something as small as “being happy to have seen a friend for coffee” or “being able to bond with your cat or dog. Place your paper in your jar. It is quite fun to rummage though your jar a few months down the line. You will suddenly realize how much there is to be thankful for.

- Optimal health begins with a healthy gut. Start each day with a green juice and continue to drink enough filtered water with a pH of 7. Fuel your body with healthy food from the earth- avoid any allergens like processed foods, caffeine, gluten and sugar. Your body will become light and your energy levels will increase.

- Declutter your cupboards and your home. Find a local charity and donate any old unwanted items. When we let go of the old, we make room for the new.

- Spend more time outside – walk barefoot, sit in nature, have picnics, go to the beach or go camping. Connect with nature as much as you can. This helps you to become still and connect with your spirit, ultimately bringing you back into alignment.

-The element of water relates to our emotions. It is very cleansing to take a shower and visualize how you wash of all the negative feelings we hold onto. An Epsom salt bath is also the perfect way to release toxins and relax the muscles.

- Begin to notice your thoughts. As you cultivate awareness you will be able to see where you can adjust your beliefs and negative thinking. Journaling is a wonderful way of creating flow. 

- Focus your thoughts on your breathing. Your breath is very cleansing and will also increase your focus and help you to stay in the moment.

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